Impromptu Royal Rumble!

The other day Chase got a new wrestling ring for his “wrestle guys.” While at his dad’s he’s got another kid to play with and they’ll spend hours in their room playing with the toys and what not, but up in the D-Wood, there’s just Jess and I. It can get a bit boring for a seven year old, so to help keep everyone in good spirits we decided to have our very own Royal Rumble. Since we only have four wrestlers, we had to improvise. So we busted out an assortment of toys from Chase’s toy box and got everything set up.

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It was a lot of fun and I reckon we’ll have another pretty soon. We might even have a championship match. Either way, it was good to see him smiling and having a good time. With the weather being like it is and at least one of us being sick every day it can get tedious and rather depressing around the house. We can’t easily go outside and ride his bike or hit up the pool. This summer should prove to be a nice change of pace. For now, we’ll have wrestle guy matches, puzzle time, SMB parties, and do what ever we can to keep us all smiling and in good spirits.