11 months and counting

Eleven moths ago Jess was 20 months pregnant and most likely nauseous and miserable. Today, and this past weekend we were nearly in the same… except for the being pregnant part. Instead we were doing all we could to take care of our 11 month old. How in the world did we end up with baby nearly ONE YEAR OLD?! Didn’t Jess just have him like 2 weeks ago?

Nope, she had him WAY back in January. So much has happened since then. Trips to the beach, new cars due to car wrecks, Josh’s Speed Boats, new house, and on and on. We may not have done a great job of keeping up with all things going on but we have pics and we have the memories. And speaking of pics, here’s one of our little guy… and his little guy.

You are NOT going to post this!

One more month and we’ll be celebrating his one year birthday! Hard to believe, but such a wonderful year its been. Can’t wait for the years to come.

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