Everyone HAS P90X…

P90X - Day 1

But no one ever really does it. I’ve said that for quite some time, but now I am to prove myself wrong.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a tad on the chunky side. “Big bones”, “husky”, “healthy”, you name it, I’ve tried to mask what it really was… obese. I come from a family of eaters. We love us some southern food. It’s not always the best food or the healthiest food, but we would eat it and ask for seconds.

My childhood was spent playing with computers or in-doors helping with chores. I would go outside on occasion, but for the most part I was not to be found out and about doing anything athletic. As years went on, I got bigger and bigger. At my heaviest I was around 305lbs. This was in early high school. I didn’t, nor had I ever had a girlfriend, wasn’t into sports or anything involving being active, though I did join the drum line. I got by and was “happy”, but eventually I knew it was time for a change.

My first significant weight loss came midway through college and took me just over a year to get to my “goal”. I got down to around 230/220 and was feeling great. It wasn’t exercise, or some crazy diet. I simply cut out the garbage I was putting in my body. No more late night trips to Waffle House or bags of Doritos with melted cheese for a snack before dinner. I was “serious” about losing weight.

Eventually I found a woman to marry, and got into a routine of eating and being comfortable. My weight got back up to around 250. Well, the marriage lasted about as long as a plate of nachos typically would and I decided that rather than spiral into a fit of depression I was going to get fit once and for all!

Me @ 209lbs

I started swimming at the apartment complex I had moved to, I was going to kickboxing classes, I ran a half-marathon, I was getting into shape! Eventually I got down to 209! What what?! That pic is me at my lowest weight since before high school. I felt fantastic. What do people do when they feel great? They get comfortable. That’s exactly what I did. I was happy with myself, happy with my life and happy with the new love that I found in my soon to be wife. I was no longer focused on weight gain/loss. I had achieved my goals. A beautiful wife, a home, happiness, a great job, etc. However, I neglected to see that as I got “happy” I slipped back into old habits. I had started to gain back a lot of that weight I fought so hard to get off. I was now back up to around 230.

Jess, knowing my story was there to support me on my once again mission to get back into shape. We started running together, going outside, playing with Chase more, we even joined a gym together. We were an active family and we ate better. Slowly the weight started coming back off, but I felt like I had plateaued. So, my amazing wife got me a home gym and eventually the P90X workout set DVDs.

Oh great… here comes the sale’s pitch. Now that you got us roped in with your sob story, hit’em with how amazing the program is so we’ll go out and buy it. Honestly, I don’t care if you get it or not. Quite frankly I find it a bit on the low end of intensity. I had a personal trainer for about 9-10 months and he pushed me harder than the P90X program. However, what these offer is a routine that I can follow, some solid numbers to track against, and a guide on what to do and when to do it. That and it’s 90 days. I mean… come on, I can do pretty much any type of plan for 90 days.

So far I’ve made it through 12 days and I’ve lost roughly 2 lbs. Whoa! Easy cowboy. Don’t be getting all anorexic  on us! Don’t worry, I went from 213ish to 211ish. Ass. It may not seem like a lot but I feel it. I can look in the mirror and I feel a difference all around. What the pic above shows is ALMOST a sixer and some love handles, and an ish chest. What it doesn’t show is my thunda-thighs, the no muscle in the arms or the poor choices I was making with my eating habits or overall fitness. I was getting slimmed down quick but not in a healthy way that was maintainable. What I’m doing now I feel I can sustain. I feel that after the 90 days are up, I’ll have a good routine down, I’ll be fit, healthy, and mentally ready to accept the lifestyle change.

So that’s where things are. I have a before photo (and more to compare with after I’m all done), my goals and my schedule. My wife and family are very supportive and push me when I need it the most. I feel ready for this challenge and so far I’m loving it. I hope to one day look back on this and know that it was all for something.

Stay tuned!

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  1. If anyone can do this, you can! You continue to push through boundaries and over hurdles and keep finding the happiness and love you deserve!

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