So I ran this 5K……

And it was so much fun! It’s called The Color Run and it’s making the rounds from city to city. I found the info while I was pregnant and made this 5K my first post baby run. I wasn’t as ready as I’d hoped to be, but I’m super proud of myself for getting out there! My boys were there of course and by the time we were heading to the car we were ALL covered in color. I love crossing a finish line or completing a huge goal to see my sweet little family waiting there to congratulate me. It fills my heart with happiness. 🙂 Lately Ben and I have shifted our focus from running to P90X (him), and spinning/step classes (me). Running will always be a passion we share though, and I secretly can not WAIT until we can manage to run a 5K together. With our new little one, working out together has been difficult…but if I know us, (and I do), we’ll make it happen. Check out the pics! Fun!

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