Lunch of champions

Some times you just gotta get away for lunch. You don’t really want anyone to join you, you just want to sit and not think about the hustle and bustle of work. Today is one of those days.

This has been an exceptionally long week. Things are winding down at school for Jess and at work for me, things are ramping up. I have a new role/position and it’s really putting a strain on things mentally. Basically I’ve been tasked with expediting the sales process. In addition to that I have to do my normal job of managing the team engineers and providing support to clients and other managers. I’m already late one one deadline in my new job, and I don’t like to be late. So it’s just stressful, but it’ll get better.

Other than that things are ok. With summer approaching quickly we are starting to plan vacations and get things ready for the baby. I know we have ‘lots of time’ but that time will fly by and I want to make sure we’ve prepared as much as we can. So it’s just a never ending to-do list that seems to keep getting longer rather than shorter. It’ll all get done, but that light at the end of the tunnel is pretty dim for now.

I think writing helps. I’m glad I can blog from my phone or virtually anywhere now. Updates should be coming more frequently.

That’s all I had for now. Just putting some thoughts out there to get them outta my head. TGIF y’all!



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