Spring Planting

Spring is here! Everyone is stoked about it including myself. The sunshine is energizing and these thumbs of mine will turn green this weekend with our first herb garden on the patio. Updates/pics soon!

Additionally…I had a conversation with my little guy about ‘planting seeds’ that’s worth keeping, so Ima put it here.

Chase: Mama…do you eat seeds?
Me: Umm…I guess. Like, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Sure, I eat seeds.
Chase: Do those seeds you eat like…grow inside you?
Me: Oh. No, they don’t babe. Seeds need things like soil and water and sunshine to grow.
Chase: So could you like, eat some soil and drink some water?
Me: Hmm…No, not really. You still wouldn’t have sunlight plus your stomach has all this liquidy acid stuff that smooshes your food all up and breaks it down, and all the good stuff stays in and the bad stuff comes out as poop.
Chase: Oh…But…could you like…eat a seed a grow like…a baby?
Me: Oh hell…NOW I see where this is going…
Me: Umm. Nope. That doesn’t work either.
Me: Please God let that be the end of it. I am trapped in the car with no distraction and I have a feeling like ‘that’ question is coming. He is too young for this question!
Chase: Well….I mean…
Me: Yup…here is comes.
Chase: Where DO babies comes from? How do they like…get in your belly??

Aaaaand boom goes the dynamite. I took a deep breath. I am all about honesty and reality with my child, but he’s pushing 8 and he’s a boy so…I’m embellished just a touch. Told him that babies come from love. Extra love that is…um…’created’ by two people who want more love around them. I also promptly told him that any extra ‘love turned into a baby brother or sister’ would not happen until he was at least 10…or so. Poor guy…being an only child probably sucks.

So that explanation will work for now, but I have a feeling these next few years will fly by and we’ll both be ready for the next talk. For now…we’ll enjoy Spring time and all the extra (self contained) love we have floating around.

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