Our first weekend cabin trip

So I have to say that this past weekend was exactly as it should be. Well, there are a few things I would have changed, but for the most part it was every thing that I could have imagined that a 30th birthday weekend cabin trip could’ve been.

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The weekend started off on Friday night, when Jess and I headed north to my parent’s cabin. We met up with Neal, Jude, Pam, and Jason for a bite of dinner, then got on the road. Since it’s pretty much a guarantee that none of my friends can hang with me when it comes to driving, I headed on out. Chase quickly fell asleep in the back seat and Jess and I jammed to some jams. Once we got about 5 miles from the cabin things got a bit crazy.

So, I’ve been getting Jess warmed up to all things horror movies. She’s been watching the Halloween series with me, and I have to say that I am in love with the fact that she is loving the movies. They aren’t great movies by any stretch of the imagination, but they are pretty good. You really do get a good sense of who Michael Myers is… until H20 when they disregard the previous 3 movies. Where was I? Oh, so on the way up it was dark and a bit on the creepy side since it was crazy dark out and the glow of the city was long since gone. We were doing just fine, then out of nowhere we both just kind froze up and nearly shat our pants. Why you ask? Well on the right shoulder, wearing a white night gown with a blue floral print, long dark brown stringy hair, no shoes, and running for her life, was a young girl. That’s right, it was around 10 PM in the mountains, and there was a chick running about 6ft from the road. Her arms were flailing and she was just running. Had she not seen it I would’ve sworn that it wasn’t real. Trust me… it was real. So yeah, there was this chick running down the road. Kinda freaked us out for the rest of the trip (and our lives). Needless to say we (me) kept on driving and arrived at the cabin about 15 mins later.

We got there, jumped on the horn and guided every one else to the cabin and then proceeded to plow through some liquor. It was only 6 people, but damn we demolished the hell out of some Vodka and Jack Daniel’s. It was a good night and we all had a ton of fun. The next day we got up and I whipped up some eggs, bacon, grits, and toast. Everyone got up and we then headed out to Cleveland. What’s in Cleveland you ask? Well Babyland General (“general” as in “general hospital”). This was the first time I had been there in many, many, years. The building looked like it should’ve been condemned many years ago, but it’s still there rocking it’s creepiness. Inside it was pretty hard to witness. There were several “babies” waiting to be adopted for a price ($300+) and a tree that gave birth to a doll. What?! Yeah, there was a tree that gave birth to a doll. There really is no other way to describe it. Check out the pics on www.sniperbear.net. It’ll give you a good idea of what all went on there.

After the Hospital of Doom we headed back to the cabin. Well, we stopped on the way and got some fresh made beef jerky, boiled peanuts, and apple cider. Back at the cabin, everyone took a nap. Jess, Neal, and Jude were out for hours. Jess wasn’t feeling too well, so she was O.U.T. That’s ok, she’s pretty much the love of my life, so she can sleep as long as she wants. Chase and I watched the UGA game, cooked up some food and just hung out. After everyone (except for Jess) woke up, we decided we were going to head to Dahlonega and experience Oktoberfest. Jess was still not feeling well and thus, decided to stay behind. I wish she could’ve gone with us, but it would be better to rest up and be well in the future than to push through the night and end up being worse off the next day. So, we got there and farted around for a bit, and eventually decided we’d had enough and headed back home.

Back at the cabin we sat around for a bit, had some dinner, caught up on the day, and then jumped right into Dawn of the Dead (the new one…where the zombies run instead of meander about). Jess was a bit freaked out since she’s not really keen on the whole horror movie thing, but she made it. We plowed through the movie and then Jess and I headed to bed. The rest of the group stayed up and watched Blades of Glory. I say that Jess and I got the better end of the deal…

Sunday morning, it was pancakes and sausage, milling about, some fun times at my grandmother’s doll house of morbidity, then a quick drive home. The weather on Sunday could not have been any better. We stopped by Danny’s Restaurant for some soul food, then took our sweet time enjoying the mountain roads and beautiful weather. The rest of the day we spent laying around, taking naps (mostly me), watching the Falcon’s game, and generally just being together.

All-in-all, this was a fantabulous weekend. I won’t soon forget the crazy lady, taking Chase to Dahlonega, witnessing a tree give birth to a doll, or Jess schooling everyone on how to play cards. Thank you to everyone that came out and I hope we can do it again soon!

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