Thanksgiving break – 2009: Sniper Style pt. 2 (Thanksgiving Day)

Rosevelt the turkey
Roosevelt, meet Turner

In true Turner style the morning got started with a big plate of food and a lot of scrambling around. After breakfast Jess and I started in on the turkey, gravy base, and more chopping of vegetables. You’d think that after like three days of preparing food, we’d have all this mess done. That wasn’t really the case. There always seemed to be more carrots, onions, celery, taters… oh wait. No potatoes to cut up those had already been taken care of and were in the fridge setting up. Oh, the taters! Let me describe the ways I love thee. Ok, I’m done.

Here’s a side note on the Potatoes Gratin. In planning for this meal, we decided that it would be nice to branch out and try and new dish. Something that would take this whole feast up at least one notch. Well, I found a recipe for some potatoes gratin. So we got everything ready, including roasting our own garlic, making this cheesy cream stuff and boy did it smell good. It was assembled with great care and loaded up in the car in such a way that if a little were to spill out it wouldn’t be that bad (we sat it in a cookie sheet then placed it in the back seat floor board). Well that would’ve been great had the whole pan not erupted all over the place. About three miles form apartment, we both noticed an abundance of garlic smell. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the most epic potatoes on the planet were all over my car. So I pulled over and in a feat of great restraint decided to not throw the entire pan into on coming traffic. Instead I put them in a box I had in the back seat. This proved to be even less successful than I imagined in my head. Once we got to my parents house I discovered that I now had garlic cheesy cream sauce in the back of my car AND in the floor board of the back seat. No worries, we’d simply clean up the mess and put them in the fridge and they would be PERFECT for our lunch the next day.


Back to Thanksgiving day! We got everything cooked and boxed up and the house was smelling unbelievable and damn…we forgot to cook the potatoes! Deep breath… Ok, box’em up and we’ll cook them while we eat and have them at dinner. So we get to my aunt’s house (a short walk from my parents) and after chatting for a bit, and getting stuff set up, we start in on what turned out to be one of the best Thanksgiving lunches I’ve ever had. Eventually I smelled something that didn’t smell that fantastic…oh, that must be the potatoes that are now charcoal in the oven. Yeah…after all that we burned the taters. Fail. Oh well, everything else was perfect. From the apple cake that people couldn’t get enough of to the deviled eggs that went faster than you could spell deviled eggs. Everything was just perfect.

Decorating the fence

For years, the Turner tradition has been to decorate my grandmother’s fence after we eat lunch. This year was no exception. The temperature was a bit cold, but we’ve been through much worst. It actually turned out to be pretty amazing out. The kids got to run around and play, the “adults” decorated the fence and we got it all up in no time. I was really glad Jess got experience it this year. She and Chase seemed to just fit right in. Watching her interact with the family and seeing Chase run around and laugh and play just brought a warmth to my heart that I’ve not had before. The day was perfect.

After the fence was done we hung out and chatted for a bit before heading back to the apartment. The plan was to get home, unpack everything, rest up for a bit and then go see a movie. We left it up to Chase since we figured he wouldn’t want to see 2012. Eventually he decided on Planet 51, which turned out to be pretty funny. We had a good time out and about and it was a great end to an outstanding day.

This Thanksgiving day will not be one soon forgotten. Everything fell into place. All the things that were most important to me where with me and I couldn’t have asked for things to go any better. I know it’s been over a week since Thanksgiving and we’re now a few weeks from Christmas, but it’s all good. Sometimes a sniper doesn’t always take the first shot and waits for the right time.

Up next… the Birney Thanksgiving festivities, our first tree, and the end to a nearly perfect week.

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